ROminimal Artists & Producers Promotion

Share Your ROminimal Sound

There are two ways to promote your ROminimal music in our club.

  1. Telegram ROminimal Music Feed - promoting lates releases from the minimal underground
  2. ROminimal Music Radio - Your music will be mixed live in a dedicated, live radio sessions, where people upon discovery will be directed to the purchase link provided by you.

If you want yo promote your music, please follow those steps:

  1. Ensure your Soundcloud / Youtube / Bandcamp profile is included in our Telegram ROminimal Music Feed - just send us a message to be included to @uploaderro
  2. Secondly, for each separate file - share your track with @uploaderro (100% PRIVATE)
  3. Submit form below

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Alternatively, Sharing is caring..

If you want to discover new tracks it would be good to also give something in exchange and share some of your favourite picks – to be mixed live after approval, so feel free to share those dancefloor bangers!

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