ROminimal Artists & Producers Promotion

Share Your ROminimal Sound There are two ways to promote your ROminimal music in our club. Telegram ROminimal Music Feed - promoting lates releases from the minimal underground ROminimal Music Radio - Your music will be mixed live in a dedicated, live radio sessions, where people upon discovery will be directed to the purchase link provided by you. If you want yo promote your music, please follow those steps: »

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On Romanian Revolution

“I felt the air in the music, the space and serenity. The sound filled the space with love, softness, pleasantness and elegance. Like a wind blowing from room to room. To me, it felt like a sort of miracle - a delicate, non-aggressive groove, restrained and patient, and at the same time so powerful, clubby, tribal and the most narcotic I could ever imagine. In my fantasy world, you could call it the Holy Grail. »

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Dj Using Rominimal Tracks

It is possible to actually Dj using discovered tracks as a playlist. The feature is available for everyone who rates tracks to discover their ID on the telegram group. Personally I like to rate them according to the energy level, but it’s up to you how you want treat those. Every time you rate a track, bot responds with a log like 👍 You #voted [5] #v5 for 🎵 'Kirik – MR002#1 [Memory Remains]' You can use telegram’s tag function and access all rated tracks by using #voted, as well as you can access specifically rated tracks #v5, #v4, #v3, #v2, #v1 etc. »


Live Audio & Video stream. Audio is mixed live by a custom, experimental audio processing setup that does everything normal Dj would. Video is streamed live from constantly rotating short clips. In case video does not work, just switch to pure audio on the main site. Open player in new window -- Support the artists and buy their tracks! Got feedback? Hello! »

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Welcome to the Rominimal Club!

Where music flows. Welcome to the Rominimal Club - a sanctuary where music transcends boundaries and flows effortlessly, taking you on a captivating journey of emotions and experiences. Over the years of being a DJ, playing and digging music, I’ve experienced a lot of sounds that create certain feelings. This process always took a lot of time and recently I’ve found myself with a lot of music that I did not have time to get into, but wanted to discover in an aesthetically pleasing way. »

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